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French Partnership Results in Equipping Companies from the Pharmaceutical & HORECA Sectors

Learn more about our partnership with a French company SOPAC and see example case studies from its customers.


SOPAC specializes in the distribution of measuring instruments for quality control, validation of thermal processes, monitoring of the cold chain, bacterial detection to provide complete solutions for various sectors.

Blulog + SOPAC

It’s been several years that Blulog has been cooperating with SOPAC.

One of the results of this joint effort is the SOPALOG RF solution, composed of temperature data loggers (RF + NFC) allowing data transmission in real time and automatic alarms via email/SMS in case of excursions.

The device transmits data to a gateway (hub) connected to the Internet either by an Ethernet cable, Wifi or GSM. The data is then accessible remotely, using BluConsole – a dedicated application available on the website www.SopaConsole.com.

SOPALOG RF is used to monitor the temperature in cold rooms, refrigerators, containers, warehouses or trucks during transport.

Among the customers who have already chosen the solution are:

Fresh & Loc

Fresh and Loc is specialized in the delivery of controlled temperature, multi-temperature Pharma, samples (vaccines, tests) and the provision of vehicles with drivers (rental).

“The respect of temperatures is the main constraint, concerning vaccines and the health pole, the problem is the same, the vehicles are identical, and we had made the choice from the beginning, from our experience with the EFS, to take only Cofrac probes. Even when customers don’t ask us for them, this gives us flexibility in our organization and our offer.”

“We can’t do temperature-controlled transport without temperature monitoring, we put ourselves at risk, the question doesn’t arise. For vaccines, we have to send the curves the next day at the latest for customers who do not require them immediately.”

The trucks are equipped with RF/NFC probes with a hub integrated into the vehicle and we have also installed them in our refrigerated warehouses (like the one in Villabé for example).

“The Sopalog solution allows us to meet our customers’ specifications and to have a global follow-up of the temperature.”

An isothermal container, a “Tarabox”, will be used to transport the vaccines, initially it is empty, then the vaccines are loaded at the distribution center, a temperature probe present in the box will make it possible to follow the temperature, then the box is put in a refrigerated truck to be certain that the temperature is maintained, and there is then a second probe in the truck, the whole of the probes makes it possible to ensure that the temperature is maintained from the cold room of departure to the cold room of delivery. The vaccines are recovered thawed and must be maintained between 2°C and 8°C.


On January 17th, SOPAC’s installation team went to Bondoufle to install connected logger solution at one of their customers.

A total of 26 loggers and 8 hubs were installed in cold rooms, cutting rooms, storage rooms etc. in one location.

Despite the bad weather, the installation went smoothly and at the end of the day the whole installation was ready and customer was able to access all the data of his plant.


The laboratory chose the solution SOPALOG RF to modernize its system for monitoring temperature and humidity during the in vitro diagnostic tests in the field of infectious disease.

Thirty control points were put into operation in cold rooms, freezers, ovens where, in case of any temperature excursions, automatic alarms are now immediately emailed 7/24.


The company has a branch specialized in the transport of pharmaceuticals. They decided to equip their trucks with SOPALOG NFC data loggers that can be programmed and read with a smartphone or an NFC equipped tablet. The users can have access to graphics and temperature reports at one glance.


Sector concerned: Food transport and health products

Cogepart has a fleet of 3,100 vehicles and provide all logistics and delivery devices needed, as well as temperature-controlled delivery.

Challenges: “Sopalog is one of the rare service providers able to offer an operational, competitive solution, easy to deploy on a large scale, for last mile delivery in the refrigeration sector”.

Proposed solution: Cogepart has chosen the Sopalog RF solution for its 400 refrigerated vehicles. The park is equipped with probes for real-time temperature monitoring and traceability, both for food logistics and health products.


Sector concerned: digital solutions for HACCP health control plans

Challenges: Temperature is a critical point, especially in the catering sector. The health control plan must provide for the control of critical points and therefore of temperature.
The goal of Octopus Haccp was to offer its customers an all-in-one system integrated into their HACCP tablet.

Proposed solution: Thanks to the APIs offered by the Sopalog solution for integrators, Octopus HACCP was able to integrate the temperature monitoring parameter into its HACCP software. Octopus HACCP customers can therefore have temperature monitoring on the HACCP platform if they wish.


Sector concerned: monitoring of autonomous containers in mass distribution

Challenges: Large retail brands use free-standing containers which are not in fixed locations. They change location depending on commercial actions. While most fixed display cases have integrated temperature monitoring, this is generally not the case for autonomously housed bins.

Proposed solution: Sopalog has been chosen by more than 100 Leclerc stores for monitoring the temperature of the containers provided. The temperature sensors are fixed in the tanks housed and communicate with a central unit called a hub.
The system is flexible, the probes can be moved and provide real-time monitoring with alerts.


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