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Partnership in Italy Helps to Monitor Supply Chain And Storage For Fish, Seafood & Products for Animals

See how we tackled the problem of transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products for Italian companies.


Just Italy Srl specializes in modern technologies (chips, sensors, data loggers, IoT solutions) and its been in business for over 10 years.


Securing the cold chain is the key to efficient operation for many industries. In gastronomy, processing, trade, transport and medicine, current temperature control allows to keep goods in the right conditions, often strictly defined by law.

What’s more, those products require not only the right temperature at the time of storage, but above all the ongoing control over its maintenance, which is a particular challenge for larger scale operations.

What’s the Solution?

The implementation of a systematic temperature monitoring solution is beneficial – it saves time that employees had to spend on manual measurements, but it is also a certain and precise way to control parameters during the entire storage or transport period. It allows to protect end recipients against unpleasant consequences, most often concerning health.

The heart of the Blulog concept are credit card size data loggers that use machine to machine technology.

Just Italy & Blulog Join Forces!

Our technology has been already implemented in Italy thanks to the local partner Just Italy.

No More Smelly Fish!

One of the sectors where Blulog is used is the transport and storage of fish and seafood. Temperature plays a key role in the product distribution process.

From fishing through the packaging process up to processing by the consumer, it should be kept between 0 and 4°C. Excursions generate the development of microbes and can be a serious threat to the users’ health.

During transport, our system is synchronized with TomTom devices, which further improves the current work.

Let’s Keep the Fish Baits Fresh & Juicy!

Effective cooperation allows to secure the supply chain of Delicius, a company that delivers fish products to five Mediterranean countries.

The core business of the company based in Parma is the production and processing of anchovies.

Directly after the fishing, the products are placed in large wooden barrels, covered with layers of salt. After months, salted anchovies are carefully packaged, packaged by hand and sent.

Let’s Help the Animals Too!

Maintaining the right temperature is also important in storage and transport of certain products in the zoological industry.

This is known to the owners of Mondo Animale, who for 20 years run a pet supplies store, providing comprehensive care from accessories, special linings, plants for aquariums or terrariums, up to different kinds of feed.

The right conditions (temperature and humidity) ensure that the surroundings of animals and products they consume will be beneficial for their health and well-being.


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